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Olaplex No. 3 Hair Perfector 100 ml

from Olaplex
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OLAPLEX® No. 3 is a 'take home' treatment designed to strengthen and repair hair. Hair lightening, colouring and heat-styling damage your hair. When the bonds within the hair are damaged, this affects the strength and condition of your hair.

OLAPLEX® is different and patented. It works at the molecular level - it helps to repair the damaged hair bonds from the inside. OLAPLEX® helps to repair broken disulphide bonds by linking them back together. When your hairdresser uses Olaplex in the salon, and you use it at home, you can change the way you wear colour, style and how much you enjoy your hair.

Use BEFORE SHAMPOOING - it's not a conditioner. It's a BOND BUILDER.

Size: 100 ml

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