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indPro Professional Makeup Brush Set by Makeup Artists


This professional makeup brush set by ind.Pro is loved by professional makeup artists all over the world. ind.Pro premium vegan Taklon brushes is a revolutionary material that feels just like real hair without the cruelty.

Made by professionals for professionals.

Made from taklon which looks, feels and acts just like genuine hair, these super soft brushes are easy to clean and will last a whole career. 

Available individually or in the full 10 piece set

1.1 Foundation Brush
1.2 Powder Brush
1.21 Concealer Brush
1.3 Flat Powder Brush
1.4 Contour Powder Brush
1.5 Base/ Powder  Brush
2.3 Large Blender Brush
2.4 Blender  Brush
2.5 Flat Blender Brush
3.2 Angled Liner Brush 

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