Dermacol Perfect Body Make-Up 100 ml

by Dermacol
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This water-resistant beautifying body make-up provides an immediate tan to your body’s skin, perfectly covers any imperfections and evens your skin tone.

It makes your body and legs look thinner and leaves your skin feeling velvety smooth. The light texture with panthenol and vitamin E moisturizes your skin, regenerates it, nourishes it and protects it against free radicals. The firming complex of Firmiderm® plant extracts and the brown algae extract Kalpariane® improves your skin’s firmness by about 28%* and its flexibility by about 26%**, preventing it from sagging and promoting micro-circulation. The Polyplant anticelulide plant extract improves the appearance of cellulite on your skin, smoothens it and eliminates the formation of swelling and spider veins.

Water- and smudge-resistant.

For all skin types. Dermatologically tested.

Size: 100 ml

*Tested in-vivo (used twice daily for 6 weeks)
**Tested in-vivo (used twice daily for 4 weeks) 

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