Dermacol Intensive Hand & Nail Care 100 ml

by Dermacol

Moisturizes and protects your skin against drying out. Makes nail beds stronger and regenerates them. Contains active ingredients, such as: Panthenol, Lanolin, Allantoin and beeswax for a maximum care.

Also suitable for very dry and sensitive skin.

This hand cream contains precious ingredients to provide maximum care for the stressed skin of your hands and your nails. The evening primrose oil regenerates and soothes sensitive and dry skin. Glycerin and lanolin moisturize, while Panthenol soothes and regenerates. The cream also contains Allantoin that helps regeneration, softens the calloused layers of your skin and makes its natural protective barriers stronger. It also contains beeswax and is rich in vitamin A, which work together to protect your skin against drying out and cracking and provide antioxidant and antiseptic effects.

Size: 100 ml

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