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ColourPop x Kathleen Lights The Zodiac Pressed Powder Shadow Palette

from ColourPop
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Each shade of The Zodiac Palette was carefully created to represent the astrological signs while staying cohesive and wearable as an eyeshadow palette. Rock your sign alone as a wash of colour or complement it with the other shades of the zodiac.

Shades included:

  • The Aries: metallic firey orange
  • The Taurus: matte camel brown
  • The Gemini: metallic antique gold
  • The Cancer: soft peachy pink with a golden sheen
  • The Leo: soft coral with a gold flip
  • The Virgo: matte dark chocolate brown
  • The Libra: matte light dusty rose
  • The Scorpio: rich metallic plum
  • The Sagittarius: matte magenta purple
  • The Capricorn: black with gold glitter
  • The Aquarius: matte periwinkle blue
  • The Pisces: vibrant metallic aqua